Our Dental hygiene services cover all the practice needed to keep the mouth and teeth clean and safe from diseases. The importance of good dental hygiene for the overall health of a person cannot be overemphasised. Studies have linked many diseases such as heart diseases, dementia, diabetes, cancer, etc. to poor oral health. We understand how much these little problems such as toothaches can be a sign of a much more severe problem, so we ensure correct diagnosis and adequate treatment.

We treat major dental diseases such as

• Tooth decay

This disease affects people of all ages. Leaving it untreated for a long time could cause unbearable pain and even long-term or permanent harm to the teeth.

• Gingivitis.

It is an inflammation of the gums caused by plaque. If left unchecked, if it is not treated on time, it can develop into periodontitis.

• Periodontal Disease

It is a disease caused by a bacterial infection to the gum tissues, which could eventually destroy the bones and gums if not treated on time. The result will be loose teeth, pains when chewing.

Knowing the impacts of these diseases, we always seek for prevention in our clients, which is why adequate education on oral hygiene is a core part of our services. We guide our clients through the necessary steps that should be taken to prevent diseases and maintain great oral health. These include discouraging all acts that could cause poor dental health such as smoking, consuming too much sugary food, using unsuitable dental appliances, poor brushing, etc. Furthermore, we educate them on what can be done to improve oral health. This covers the type of toothbrush, paste, and mouthwash, how to floss and brush properly, the right kind of foods to eat, the available medical procedures for improving the teeth, and others. However, we believe that prevention is better than cure as these diseases can disrupt the lives of both children and adults. We also perform simple procedures to prevent diseases. One of these procedures is fixing dental sealants. It is done by coating the back of your teeth, which are the prime spots to decay and infection with plastic. By doing this, plaque cannot form on the spot, and you can prevent many oral diseases. Our dental hygiene service is available to both adults and children. With children, we make sure we carry the parents and caregivers along. This is necessary for compliance and ensuring the children grow up with strong teeth.