Wisdom Teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that grow between 17 and 25 years. They the last set of teeth to develop and are not exceptionally functional like the other 28 teeth. While many people keep theirs, you can choose to remove yours for any of the following reasons:

  • Where they are cause pain due to being trapped in the jawbone or gums
  • Where they grow at the wrong angle thereby affecting other teeth
  • Where there is no space for them on your jaws
  • Where they develop diseases or to prevent such diseases as the brush or floss may not reach so far back.

Effect of a wrongly growing wisdom teeth includes

When you fall into any of this category, you can consult us to initiate the process for removing your wisdom teeth. By using x-ray, we determine the necessity of the removal. With us, where such removal is not necessary, you're assured that it will not be recommended. Our surgeons are adept at performing the removal procedure, and the highest form of care is upheld in the process. You will be required to sign a consent form for the surgery, but you should not be bothered by this, it is a mere standard procedure. The entire removal takes an average of 30 minutes, and the post-surgery tips to ensure quick recovery is explained to you in details. Acts such as smoking are especially discouraged in our after-care tips. Eating soft foods, drink a lot of water and no beverages, no brushing or flossing or mouthwash for 24 hours, no straw for a week. Where the pain is much, as in cases where bones are removed, pain relievers will be prescribed. By adhering to the after-care instructions, all post-surgery complications can be avoided. You will convalesce in a few days. The dentist will explain the complete process and likely complications to you. You’re free to ask questions about anything as it is expected that you have a full understanding before consenting to surgery.

Why use our wisdom teeth removal services?
• Affordable and flexible cost
• Adequate postoperative care
• Up-to-date surgical equipment
• Experienced surgeons